Product Reviews

Product Categories:

Men’s Dress Socks (Category Recap reviewed 5/17/2013)

American Apparel Calf High (5/14/2013)

Dockers (4/25/2013)

FITS (4/8/2013)

Fox River Mills (5/2/2013)

Gold Toe (4/3/2013)

Gold Toe Basic Support (4/18/2013)

Ozone (4/15/2013)

Smartwool Heathered Rib (5/6/2013)

Snow Helmets (Category Recap reviewed 3/14/2013)

Giro Helmets (1/28/2013)

K-2 Helmets (2/12/2013)

Burton RED Helmets (2/27/2013)

Smith Optics Helmets (1/21/2013)

Wrap-around Ear Warmers (Category Recap reviewed 1/19/2013)

180s Ear Warmers (12/31/2012)

Ear Mitts (1/10/2013)

H2W EarPro Ear Warmers (1/4/2013)

Riverstone Goods Ear Warmers (12/22/2012)

Binders (Category Recap reviewed 12/05/2012)

Avery Binders (10/24/2012)

Five Star Flex Hybrid Notebinder (11/26/2012)

Five Star Poly (11/23/2012)

Guided Products ReBinder (9/11/2012)

Naked Binders (8/30/2012)

Russell+Hazel (11/13/2012)

Charcoal Grills/Barbeques (Category Recap reviewed 8/21/2012)

Big Green Egg (reviewed 6/2/2012)

CharBroil Charcoal Table-Top Grill (6/27/2012)

Charbroil 600-Series American Gourmet Grill (7/12/2012)

Char-Griller (reviewed 6/22/2012)

Kamado Joe ClassicJoe (reviewed 7/19/2012)

Kamado Joe ProJoe (reviewed 7/24/2012)

PK Grills (reviewed 5/6/2012)

Primo Grill Oval Jr & Oval XL (reviewed 7/28/2012)

Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere (reviewed 5/22/2012)

Weber One-Touch Kettles (reviewed 4/26/2012)

Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill (reviewed 5/10/2012)

Crayons (Category Recap reviewed 4/10/2012)

Alex Toys Super Jumbo and Finger Crayons (reviewed 3/6/2012)

Clementine Art Natural Crayons and Natural Crayon Rocks (reviewed 2/27/2012)

Crayola Crayons (reviewed 2/15/2012)

Crayola Jumbo Crayons (reviewed 2/23/2012)

Crayon Rocks (reviewed 2/4/2012)

Crazy Crayons (reviewed 3/20/2012)

Cra-Z-Art Crayons (reviewed 2/9/2012)

Eco-Kids Eco-Crayons (reviewed 3/26/2012)

Melissa & Doug Triangular and Jumbo Triangular Crayons (updated 3/3/2012)

Sargent Art Crayons (reviewed 3/1/2012)

Colored Pencils (Category Recap reviewed 1/27/2012)

Caran d’Ache Colored Pencils (reviewed 1/21/2012)

Crayola Colored Pencils (reviewed 12/12/2011)

General Pencil Colored Pencils (reviewed 1/9/2012)

P’kolino Hexagon Colored Pencils (reviewed 1/6/2012)

P’kolino Triangle Colored Pencils (reviewed 1/16/2012)

Prismacolor Colored Pencils (reviewed 12/9/2011)

Rose Art Colored Pencils (reviewed 1/13/2012)

Finger Paints (Category Recap reviewed 12/24/2011)

Alex Toys Washable Finger Paints (reviewed 11/23/2011)

Bazic Finger Paint Set (reviewed 11/11/2011)

Clementine Art Natural Paint Set (reviewed 11/10/2011)

Crayola Washable Finger Paints (reviewed 11/16/2011)

Eco-Kids Eco-Finger Paint (reviewed 11/22/2011)

Melissa & Doug Finger Paint Set (reviewed 11/14/2011)

P’kolino Finger Paints (reviewed 12/1/2011)

Reusable Water Bottles (Category Recap updated 6/5/2012; Note updated 3/29/2013)

Be Truly You Metro Bottle (reviewed 7/31/2011)

Camelbak Better Bottle (reviewed 8/18/2011)

Camelbak Eddy (reviewed 3/29/2013)

Contigo Madison Water Bottle (reviewed 9/28/2011)

Klean Kanteen Classic Bottle (reviewed 7/6/2011)

Liberty Bottle Works 24oz & 32oz bottles (reviewed 10/18/2011)

Liberty Bottle Works Sports Cap (reviewed 6/4/2012)

Lifefactory Glass Beverage Bottle (reviewed 6/30/2011)

Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle (reviewed 7/14/2011)

Nalgene OTF Water Bottle (reviewed 7/26/2011)

Sigg Aluminum Bottles (reviewed 7/22/2011)

Thermos Nissan Intak 18oz Hydration Bottle (reviewed 11/1/2011)

Thermos Nissan Intak 24oz Hydration Bottle (reviewed 10/28/2011)

Vapur Anti-Bottle (reviewed 10/23/2011)


2 Responses to “Product Reviews”

  1. Mark July 3, 2013 at 3:16 pm #

    Hey guys!
    Love the blog! We would be thrilled for you to check out our products.

    We are an all American made apparel brand that crafts products for an active lifestyle. We want to inspire people to stay On the Move in every aspect of life. We’re 100% Veteran owned and we raise money to send disabled Vets to do crazy things like skydiving and swimming with sharks. We think we’d be an awesome fit for a feature on American Alternative if you’re so inclined.

    We launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday and we already broke our funding goal of $20K within 24 hours. Here’s a link to that campaign:

    Thanks so much for reading and feel free to hit me back with any questions.

    • Jon July 17, 2013 at 10:16 pm #

      Hey Mark,

      It’s great to hear from you guys. We typically try to review things in categories so people can make product comparisons between our reviews. We’ll definitely keep you in the mix when it lines up!

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