How do you rate the “American-ness” of different products?

  • First, we go out to research the company and the product as much as we can.  This process includes reviewing the company’s/product’s marketing information and financial information, but also contacting the company directly.  Then we apply what we learn to our own internal algorithms to create the rating you see on every review.

Can the ratings on products change?

  • Whenever we rate a product, we do so with the information we have available.  Whenever we become aware of more information, we will adjust a product’s rating.  We are also always tweaking our scoring system.
  • Companies can always change how they are making their products, too.

How do you decide which products to rate?

  • We pick categories that we find interesting.  We also pick ones that we think have a wide range of possibilities to them (we try not to review a product category if we feel all the competing products in that category would come out with a relatively similar score).  Put simply, we try to rate products in categories where we feel we can be the most helpful.
  • You can also suggest new products and new categories in our Tips and Requests section.

Is American Alternative paid by any of the companies whose products you review?

  • Unless otherwise noted we are not compensated in any way by any of the companies whose products we review.  That means that this blog is not paid by any of those companies in money, in products, or in any other way.  If this is not the case (eg. one of our contributors works for the company or has worked for the company), it will be noted directly in the review.

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