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Weekend Video: Bowtech

13 Oct

Here’s another fun weekend video:

I find this especially cool because you can see how technologically advanced the manufacturing process is for Bowtech.  And even though it takes a lot of factory space and a lot of capital equipment, you can see how the setup makes sense because of the immense care and precision that goes into making each bow.  I’m sure there’s also a lot of pride that comes from owning a bow that’s made in the US.


Weekend Video: American Made Movie Trailer

2 Sep

In honor of Labor Day, we thought it would be nice to focus on the larger US economy, rather than just one company or one product.  Luckily for us, a movie has come out that does just that.  Just released this weekend, “American Made Movie” looks at the state of manufacturing in America and where it is heading.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I definitely want to after watching the trailer!

Weekend Video: Tesla Model S Manufacturing

25 Aug

We’ve featured some teaser videos of Tesla’s California manufacturing facility before.  The company now has their plant fully up and running, and it’s pumping out thousands Model S’s every month.  This video is a great inside look at how this car goes from raw material to a drivable automobile in just a few days.

Those robots are amazing.

If anybody has been able to check out Tesla’s manufacturing plant first hand, let us know how it was and what you thought of it!

Weekend Video: Nucor Steel

11 Aug

Driving around town I happened to pass by a huge Nucor mini-mill.  It was the first time I’ve seen one in person.  And since we’ve been talking about grills lately and some of the materials that go into them, I had to make a weekend video featuring the United States’ largest steel producer and largest recycler (of any material).

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