Weber Spirit Series Grills Review

13 Aug

spirit grill pic

Product Description:

Weber started out as a small sheet metal shop in Illinois, eventually growing into one of the world’s most recognized brands in outdoor cooking.  Now, in addition to its iconic kettle grill (now modernized and sold as the Weber One-Touch series), Weber offers a number of larger full-size gas grills.

The Spirit Series is Weber’s entry-level line of grills, and they come in a number of different configurations.  Here’s a little chart showing how it breaks down.

spirit chartAnd beyond these, which all feature a porcelain-enameled shroud, there is an S-210 model.  It is exactly like the E-210, except it features a stainless steel shroud.

American Alternative Review:

Many of Weber’s grills are made in one of their two factories in Illinois out of mostly American-made parts and materials.  The Spirit Series grills are not.  They used to be made in the US, but to cut costs, they were moved to a factory in China (the plant is still owned and operated by Weber though).  All of the parts and materials are also sourced from overseas.

The grills were still designed and made in the US though.  And repair & refurbish are also in the US, so if you decide to be a refurbished model, it will be slightly more “made in the US” on account of the additional labor.

For new Spirit Series Grills though 1.5/5 stars

You can check it out here, but if you’re interested in this product, we’d instead recommend one of Weber’s higher-priced grill lines like the Genesis or Summit.


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