Weber Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill Review

4 Jun


Product Description:

Over the past half-century, Weber has grown from a small sheet metal shop in Illinois into one of the world’s most recognized brands in outdoor cooking.  During that time, the company has expanded beyond its classic kettle grill (now modernized and sold as the Weber One-Touch series) to offer many other products ranging from gas grills to cooking accessories to even full-service restaurants.

One of those newer products is the Propane Gas Go Anywhere, which aims to be the perfect tailgating companion.  It’s small and boxy just like the Charcoal Go Anywhere, and it has the same porcelain-enameled steel body and 160 sq inches of cooking surface.  But unlike the Charcoal Go Anywhere, the propane version easy and convenient thanks to its easy-to-work with fuel source (the standard 1lb cylinders) and push button igniter.

American Alternative Review:

In our earlier reviews of the Weber One-Touch Series and the Weber Smokey Joe Series, we spent a lot of time talking about the 2011 Weber class action settlement, which agreed that the grills couldn’t be marked as “Made in USA” because they weren’t 100% made in America.  We also explained how even without the “Made in USA” marking, those two grills scored very highly for being almost 100% made in America.

Unfortunately, the entire Go Anywhere series (including the Propane Go Anywhere) are made assembled in China out of entirely foreign-sourced parts and materials, despite being designed and engineered in the US.

Watch out though!  Amazon and many other sites report that the Go Anywhere Gas is Made in the USA.  This is not correct, and we were able to confirm this with a Weber representative.

1.5/5 stars

You can check it out here.


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