American Apparel Calf High Sock Review

14 May

american apparel sock

Product Description:

It’s impossible to talk about the American clothing industry without at least mentioning American Apparel.  The company’s success has been based on manufacturing trendy clothing in Los Angeles and selling them with hyper-sexualized ads.  The brand is well-known and you’ve probably see their flashy stores and advertisements at least once, if not daily.  With its edgy fashion combined with the CEO’s numerous scandals, American Apparel evokes a love it or hate it reaction from many people.

Surprisingly, American Apparel was started by a Canadian, Dov Charney, who is still the Chairman and CEO.  Though it was officially started in 1989, American Apparel didn’t move to their current Los Angeles headquarters until 1997. They have only grown since then.  I remember noticing that all the band T-shirts at concerts were American Apparel during the mid-2000’s.  Now, the company has over 250 stores worldwide on top of a huge online presence (but they still do band T-shirts).

FactoryThe company is very vertically integrated.  They have facilities across Southern California, including dye houses, knitting mills, and packaging spaces.  Their two main buildings in downtown LA employ over 4000 people, and there are over 7000 employees making American Apparel goods across Los Angeles.  Almost all of their products are made in these facilities.  For items they don’t make in-house, they try to partner with other US manufacturers.  These goods are sold all over America ad the world; the company sold over $150 million worth of US-made goods internationally in 2011.

American Alternative Review:

American Apparel puts a lot of emphasis on hiring and manufacturing in America, but there isn’t much from them about sourcing American textiles.  We reached out to their customer support to see if these socks are made in the US.  Their representative confirmed that the socks are dyed in-house and manufactured in their LA factory.  She was also able to confirm that the cotton, nylon, and spandex are from international sources.

American Apparel Logo

We applaud American Apparels efforts to maintain domestic manufacturing while providing their workers with living wages and benefits.  Most of the company’s products are made in the USA, including their socks. They may source their materials from US suppliers for some of their goods, but unfortunately, they don’t for their socks.

4.5/5 stars

If you don’t happen to live near one of the hundreds of American Apparel stores, you can see Calf High Sock in any of its 16 colors on the company’s Amazon store.


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