Fox River Mills Everyday Men’s Socks Review

2 May

foxriver logo

Product Description:

We’ve reviewed socks from Crescent Sock Co., the oldest running sock mill in the United States and the maker of FITS socks.  We’re now going to check out socks made by America’s oldest sock company, Fox River Mills.

While this review will focus on just Fox River’s line of ‘Everyday Socks’, they make a lot of other socks.  Their focus seems to be on specialty products, like socks for soldiers or socks for snowboarding/skiing (so you can coordinate with your snow helmet!).  But with 9 styles of Everyday Men’s socks in varying colors, you shouldn’t have trouble finding socks for formal or business occasions.

sockmonkeyFox River Mills began in Appleton, Minnesota in 1900 (for comparison, Crescent Socks set up shop in 1902).  Named after the Fox River Valley in which Appleton is located, the company focused on knitted products for hunters until the 1960s.  In 1966, the company acquired Marr Knitting Mill in Osage, Iowa, and five years later, Fox River moved their headquarters there.

An employee named Joseph Lessard bought the company in 1975 after having worked there for 35 years.  From then on, the company grew and bought up other US mills, including the 1992 purchase of Nelson Knitting who was the maker of the beloved Sock Monkey.  In addition to making their own brands of socks and the sock monkey, Fox River also licenses the right to make John Deere hosiery.  Today, Fox River is run by Joseph’s two sons, employing over 300 people in Iowa.

American Alternative Review:

Fox River provides an excellent walkthrough of their manufacturing process on their website.  We reached out to the company, and they were very helpful in providing us with information about their operations and products.  Their representative was able to confirm that all Fox River branded socks are made in Iowa, except for certain John Deere socks that require knitting machines they don’t have in house. Those John Deere socks are imported from Korea.  Also, their Everyday Socks are made of domestically sourced Merino wool.

Fox River is the oldest sock maker in the US.  We’re glad to see them continue manufacturing with American-sourced materials.

5/5 stars

Some Fox River dress socks are on Amazon, like trouser socks or crew socks.  You can check out their website for a full selection.

If you’re looking for something little more fun, you can buy the original red heel monkey sock, or maybe just a cute Sock Monkey, all made in the USA.


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