FITS Socks Men’s Dress Socks Review

8 Apr

FITS socks top

Product Description:

In doing research about socks, I’ve been surprised by the number of sock companies that are out there.  There are the large companies that everyone has heard of like Nike or Gold Toe.  But there are also smaller companies that I have never come across before, like FITS Socks Co.

Most socks sold as FITS socks are made for athletics or outdoors use, but there are a couple of business socks in the line.  Options for men include over-the-calf or crew length black dress socks.

The FITS brand is owned by the oldest hosiery mill in the Unites States, Crescent Socks Co.  Started over 110 years ago in Niota, Tennessee, Crescent Sock Co. is still making socks in the same town.  They own a brand of socks called World’s Softest in addition to FITS, but their factory also makes socks for larger companies, like Costco and Sam’s Club.

fits socks logoThe company was started in 1902 by James Burn as a way to create jobs in the community.  Now a fourth generation family business, Crescent is run by three Burn sisters.  The 150 people employed at the mill make and ship socks all over the country and the world.  The factory is very automated, with sock making machines all over the floor.  This level of automation allows Crescent to maintain their production domestically, despite the country’s higher labor costs.  There was a time when Crescent outsourced 60% of their work, but now that number is down to just 15%, a very encouraging trend.

American Alternative Review:

The FITS Socks Co. customer support representative was very responsive and was able to provide us with a lot of useful information.  Most importantly he confirmed all FITS socks are made in America.  In addition, they make a sincere effort to source from domestic sources as much possible.  Many synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester come from the US, but fine Merino wool is harder to source.  They are looking to expand their number of US wool suppliers, but the US just doesn’t produce that much fine micron Merino wool, the standard wool used in FITS socks, so they have to buy imported wool.  Merino wool with a strand diameter of 19.5 microns or less is considered fine micron wool.  For comparison, the finest human hair is around 15 microns in diameter.

Overall, FITS men’s dress socks are made in America from as many American-made materials as the company can find.  We hope FITS is able to secure more domestic wool suppliers so they can bump up their score to the max.

4.5/5 stars

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t carry many FITS socks.  You can see the over-the-calf option on Amazon here, or you to check out their website to see the full offering of FITS.


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