Gold Toe Men’s Dress Socks Review

3 Apr

gold toe

Product Description:

I don’t remember when I first heard about Gold Toe socks.  It’s just one of those brands that I’ve known for as long as I can remember.  My dad used to have dress socks he would wear to work, and some of them would have gold on the toes.  I’ve associated that golden toe with dress socks ever since.

That association is exactly what the company wants.  Originally named Great American Knitting Mills when it was founded in Pennsylvania, they added the signature gold thread to the toes in the midst of the Great Depression.  The company had just entered the sock market and customers loved the durability of their socks. The “Golden Toe” was added to distinguish their products from all the other black dress socks on the market.  Gold Toe has been quite successful over the years, claiming they constitute one half of all department store men’s socks sales in the US.

The company wholly embraced the Gold Toe brand and changed their name to Gold Toe in 2002. They then merged with Moretz in 2006 to form GoldToeMoretz (a horrible name, in my opinion).  The Canadian apparel company Gildan bought GoldToeMoretz for $350 million USD in 2011.

American Alternative Review:

With 5 pages worth of just men’s dress socks in different patterns and colors, Gold Toe offers an impressive selection of socks.  Unfortunately, all of these dress socks are manufactured overseas and imported.  This was confirmed by Gold Toe customer support.  Before the Gildan acquisition, Gold Toe did a lot of manufacturing in Zhejiang, China, and a lot of it is probably still done there today.

Gold Toe’s corporate headquarters are in Newton, North Carolina.  Their parent company, Gildan, is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.  Despite being a Canadian company, Gildan does have an American subsidiary named Gildan Activewear Inc. that trades on the NYSE.

Gold Toe has a lot of history in America, but it is now a subsidiary of a Canadian company that manufactures almost exclusively overseas*.  At the very least, they still have corporate and executive headquarters that employ people in the US.

0.5/5 stars

Gold Toe sells very well on Amazon, holding five spots on Amazon’s list of ten best selling men’s dress socks.  You can check out the best-seller, the third-place finisher, and others on

*we will see an example of one of their products not made overseas coming soon.


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