Platypus SoftBottle

31 Mar

Platypus SoftBottlesProduct Description:

After being laid off from Boeing in 1971 (as a part of a massive layoff at the time), Jim Lea and Neal Anderson teamed up with John Burroughs to start looking for new applications for their engineering expertise and new business opportunities for their future.  Burroughs’ was an experienced mountain climber, so the team decided to make a better sleeping mattress.  They ended inventing the Therm-a-Rest pad and creating Cascade Designs, Inc.

Since then Cascade Designs has expanded into several respected outdoor brands, including Platypus.  And Platypus’s most popular product is the SoftBottle, a lightweight water container made of BPA-Free laminate film that fills up like a bag when it’s full and collapses down to almost nothing when it’s empty.  It also comes with different cap variations like a screw-on cap, a push-pull sports cap, and a bite valve that they call a HyperFlow cap.

American Alternative Review:

A picture of one of Cascade's Seattle manufacturing facilitiesCascade Designs was founded and is currently based in Seattle, Washington.  And while they produce some products overseas, all of the Platypus bottles are made in the USA in one of their Seattle manufacturing facilities out of all USA-sourced materials.  The picture above was actually taken from one of those facilities (photo courtesy of Cascade Designs).

As a point of comparison, you might remember our review of the very similar Vapur Anti-Bottle, which scored 4/5 stars instead of 5/5 just because of its Chinese-made carabiner.  Platypus instead offers the Platypus PlusBottle which features an integrated hanging loop made during the same USA-based laminating process that makes the rest of the bottle.

5/5 stars

You can look at their many styles and configurations including the PlusBottle here.

Or check out our reusable water bottle category recap to find out which water bottles are the most American-made.  There you’ll find other water bottles that we’d also recommend such as the Liberty Bottle Works or the Nalgene Everyday Wide Mouth.


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