Giro Helmets Review

28 Jan

Giro Surface Helmet

Product Description:

Similar to Smith Optics, Giro makes accessories for snowboarding, skiing, and cycling.  They offer over 20 men’s, women’s, and youth snow helmets at prices from $65 to $300.  That’s a pretty wide range of price points, so most people should be able to find something in their price range.

Helmets usually have a hard outer shell that protects your head during impact and a softer inner lining that helps absorb and distribute the shock caused by your head being stopped by the ground.  Giro helmet’s outer shells can be made from a composite weave (like fiber glass or carbon fiber), or polycarbonate (the same material that used to be in water bottles before BpA issues were found).  The inner lining is usually expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), which is kind of like a dense styrofoam.  Giro has a great page on their website describing their helmets, these materials, and how helmets work in accidents.

American Alternative Review:

Founded in 1985 by a designer, Giro is still based in Santa Cruz, California.  However, it is no longer an independent company.  Giro is now part of the Easton-Bell portfolio of companies, and Easton-Bell is currently owned by the private equity firm Fenway Partners.  The company’s history is pretty complex, and it has had a pretty busy decade with multiple mergers.  Ultimately, Easton-Bell now covers some of the largest brands in the sports world, including Easton, Bell, Giro, Blackburn, and Riddell.

I had hoped that Giro made their helmets in America since when I was at my local REI, I saw an Encore II helmet with a made in the USA sticker, but it must have been mislabeled.  When I asked Easton-Bell about this, they confirmed that all their helmets are from China.

The company has 34 offices and manufacturing sites all over the world, and their campus in Santa Cruz is claimed to be the largest research and development facility geared towards head protection.  We hoped to find that Giro is a company that manufactures their helmets in the USA, but at least they do a lot of good R&D here.

1.5/5 stars

A selection of Giro’s snow helmets can be found on Amazon: the Surface, the Battle, and the Seam.

We hope everyone is enjoying the season.  Stay safe out there!


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