Wrap-around Ear Warmers Recap

19 Jan

Man wearing 180s, with snowboard

Ear warmers have been an interesting category.  None of the four products we reviewed scored higher than 1.5 out of 5 stars.

These low scores are not entirely unexpected though.  All of the ear warmers we reviewed require a fair amount of manual labor (primarily sewing that can’t be completely automated).  And as a category, ear warmers also aren’t the types of products that can command a “premium” or “hand-crafted” type of price.  As a result, every ear warmer we found was manufactured in Asia of entirely overseas-sourced materials.

But the low scores don’t mean you should give up and walk away empty-handed.  There won’t always be a completely American-made option…especially as manufacturing becomes further globalized.  When that happens we recommend doing the best you can.  It’s why we started American Alternative in the first place!  We’re here to help you make a decision when there isn’t an obvious answer.

So of the four ear warmers we reviewed, we recommend either the 180s or the Ear Mitts.  The differences between these two products and the other two ear warmers that we reviewed were very small, coming down to the percentage of the design and specification are based in the US.  Both the 180s and the Ear Mitts also happen to be highly reviewed for quality and comfort on Amazon.com.

Personally, I have a set of 180s and I think it’s a complete necessity whenever I go outside (180s also happen to be very popular where I live).

Here’s a complete list of the ear warmers that we reviewed:

180s Ear Warmers

H2W EarPro Warmers

Riverstone Goods Ear Warmers

Ear Mitts*

*I am aware that the inclusion of Ear Mitts in a “Wrap-around Ear Warmer” category is technically cheating because they don’t wrap around the back of your head.  But I meant for the category to cover ear muffs that don’t go over the top of your head, so Ear Mitts counts.


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