H2W EarPro Ear Warmers Review

4 Jan

EarPro Ear Warmers

Product Description:

H2W Logo

H2W (short for Hip Hop Wholesale) is yet another company that offers wrap-around ear warmers.  Their EarPro Fleece Ear Warmers consist of a metal wire frame covered in polyester fleece with a flexible band that wraps around the back of your neck instead of over the top of your head.

Unfortunately, Amazon reviewers appear to find the EarPro warmers to be the lowest quality of all the ear warmers we’ve reviewed so far.  Because the frame is made of metal, the EarPro warmers will not collapse and fold up like the 180s ear warmers do.  Additionally, the wire in the frame is so thin and lightweight that it does not provide the same amount of durability that the Riverstone Goods warmers do.

American Alternative Review:

As implied by the company’s name H2W is not a designer or a manufacturer.  As described on their website, they are a “direct importer for all [their] products.”  The Los Angeles based company then sells those products in bulk from their website or individually through vendors like Amazon or Icedoutgear.com (apparently H2W’s #1 online reseller).

The EarPro Ear Warmers are no exception and happen to be sewn in China of entirely Chinese-sourced materials.

1/5 stars

They appear to only come in black, and you can check them out here.  If you’re interested in these though, we recommend checking out our Ear Warmers category recap first.  You’ll find out how the H2W EarPro Ear Warmers stack up against the other ear warmers we reviewed and look at some of better options that are more made in America like the 180s ear warmers.


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