180s Ear Warmers Review

31 Dec

Man wearing 180s, with snowboard

Product Description:

In 1993, Wharton Business School students created the first wrap-around ear warmers, designed to be worn with a band around the back of your neck instead of over the top of your head.  Over the next two years, that prototype turned into 180s and the company released the first versions of the collapsible wrap-around ear warmers that the company is known for today.  Since then 180s has gone on to release dozens of different versions of ear warmers along with many other winter-weather accessories.

There are several other companies that offer wrap-around ear warmers, but 180s is the only one that offers warmers that collapse to fit comfortably in a pocket (thanks to a number of patents like this one).  The warmers’ inner frame is made two flexible plastic ear rings/cups hinged to telescoping back assembly made of two plastic bands that slide over each other (a little bit like the exposed band that goes over the top of your head in traditional ear muffs).  Everything is also slightly spring loaded, holding the ear warmers against your ears while you’re wearing them and collapsing them automatically as soon as you take them off.  The outer covering and insulation is then made of anything ranging from wool to polyester depending on the particular model.  The company even offers models with a built-in set of stereo headphones and a microphone.

American Alternative Review:

180s was founded and is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.  It’s also where they do all of their design and engineering.  Unfortunately though, all of their materials and manufacturing are done through various contract manufacturers in Asia.

1.5/5 stars

You can look at several of the different models that 180s offers here.  And you can see how the 180s compare to the rest of the ear warmers we reviewed at our category recap.

*Note that Gorgonz is a sub-brand of 180s and that the lead picture is taken from the 180s website.


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