Riverstone Goods Ear Warmers Review

22 Dec

Riverstone Goods Ear Warmers

Product Description:

Riverstone Goods is a small online retailer based in Lenexa, Kansas that sells textile/apparel products such as graphic tees, sweats, and tote bags. Separately, the company also manufactures and distributes (we’ll get to this later) a different set of products that it only sells through partners such as Amazon.com. The Riverstone Goods ear warmers are part of the latter group meaning that they can’t be purchased through the Riverstone Goods website.

The ear warmers are made of a soft fleece sewn around a metal underwire, which gives the ear warmers their shape and acts as a light spring to hold the warmers tightly against your ears. The metal wire core also makes them more sturdy and durable than other ear warmers with plastic insides. Unfortunately, that rigidity means that the Riverstone Goods ear warmers don’t fold up for easy storage.

American Alternative Review:

On Amazon.com, the ear warmers’ product description states that they are “manufactured and distributed” by Riverstone Goods, but that statement is not exactly true. The ear warmers are actually an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) product, which means that they were independently designed and manufactured by a separate company. Then as part of the purchasing agreement, the manufacturer labels and brands the products as if they were designed and manufactured (or contracted to be manufactured) by the purchasing company.

In this situation, Riverstone Goods doesn’t even buy the ODM ear warmers directly from the true manufacturer. Instead, the company purchases them from Eros Wholesale (a wholesaler based in Philadelphia, PA) who in turn purchases them from a manufacturer in China (where the materials are also sourced).

1/5 stars

You can find the Riverstone Goods ear warmers in black, grey, navy, and brown here. If you’re crazy and want to buy them in cases of 84, 120, or 240, you can also buy them straight from Eros Wholesale here.  If you’re interested in these though, we recommend checking out our Ear Warmers category recap first.  You’ll find out how the Riverstone Goods ear warmers stack up against the other ear warmers we reviewed and look at some of better options that are more made in America like the 180s ear warmers.


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