Russell+Hazel Binders Review

13 Nov

Product Description:

Sometimes a plain old Avery binder isn’t enough.  Sometimes you need something more elegant.  In times like these, you might turn to the linen-backed binders of Russell+Hazel.  With a clean aesthetic that contrasts the functional look of Naked Binders and the ReBinder, Russell+Hazel’s binders offer a colorful way to organize your things.

Russell+Hazel offers three styles of binder: slim, mini, and signature.  All three styles are 3-ring binders made from 100% post-consumer materials, but the slim binder comes with a linen-backed spine.  The differences between the binders are mostly in size.  The signature binder has a 1 – 1/2″ ring, the slim binder has a 3/4″ ring, and the mini binder has a 1/2″ ring.  In addition, all of the binders have dry erase interiors, so you can jot things down quickly without having to find a sticky note.

Founded in 2003, Russell+Hazel’s design studio is in Minneapolis, MN.  Along with online and standard distribution, they even have their own flagship store in Minneapolis.  They were acquired not too long ago and are now a part of Gartner Studio Inc., another Minnesota company that owns a handful of other boutique stationery brands.

American Alternative Review:

Russell+Hazel’s website states the mini and signature binder are both made in the USA, but we have confirmation from Russell+Hazel their manufacturing is in both China and America.  Customer support claims the majority of their binders are made in the US but the parts that make up the binders come from all over.

The metal rings inside the binder are not made in America, and if we had to bet, we would venture that they’re made in China like many other companies’ metal rings.  A post-consumer material backing called Davey Board used in the signature and slim binders is sourced domestically.  The linen that protects the spine of the slim binder is real book cloth linen from the Netherlands.  We don’t know where the dry erase material is from.

With a decent amount of manufacturing and sourcing done in America, we give Minneapolis-based Russell+Hazel:

3.5/5 stars

Russell+Hazel offers a decent products if you’re looking for an elegant binder.  Check out some of their binders here,  here, and here.  But if you don’t need the glamour, we recommend you go with a better rated Naked Binder or ReBinder.


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