Avery Binders Review

24 Oct

Product Description:

Avery-Dennison is a global company that makes A LOT of office supplies.  A full listing of all their products would fill up many binders (binders full of office supplies!).  Just walk into any Staples-like store and you will see rows and rows of nothing but Avery brand binders.  These binders are ubiquitous, and I’d bet money that 99% of people who went to school in the US have used an Avery binder at least once.  Those little black binders were always needed for book reports, arranging notes, or organizing all those doodles you made in class.

As a company, Avery-Dennison has had a fairly uneventful history.  Avery was founded in 1935 in Los Angeles.  They changed their name from Kum Kleen Products to Avery Adhesives in 1937.  In 1990, Avery merged with Dennison, a Massachusetts manufacturer that started off making boxes in 1844.  Today, Avery-Dennison is a Fortune 500 company with manufacturing in over 60 countries.

In 2011, Avery agreed to sell the division that makes binders, the Office and Consumer Products Division, to 3M for $550 million.  The deal was scrapped earlier this month after the Justice Department brought up antitrust concerns.

American Alternative Review:

It can be hard to get straight answers out of large companies when you ask about manufacturing.  Avery is no exception.  After reaching out to customer service repeatedly, the only thing we learned is that there is no other way to know where a binder is made other than to look inside that very binder.

at my local StaplesWith such large worldwide operations, Avery sometimes makes the same binder in different countries, which is why customer support was not able to help us out with more information.  However, we were able to learn that most of Avery’s binders are made in either China, Mexico, or the USA.  The binders that are American-made read “Product of US Origin with Foreign Components” when you open them.  In fact, the majority of binders at my local Staples are made in the US.  Unfortunately, we were not able to get information about where Avery sources their materials.

We approve of Avery maintaining manufacturing in America, but we wish they could be more transparent about their manufacturing base and supply chain.

2/5 stars

Because Avery makes binders in Mexico and China along with the US, we adjusted their rating accordingly.  We also assumed that like the ReBinder and Naked Binders, Avery sources their metal rings from a foreign source, most likely China.

You can purchase some of Avery-Dennison’s binders on Amazon here, here, and here.  Even if you’re not looking to buy binders right now, you should definitely follow the links and check out the comments.   If you are looking to purchase a binder, we recommend you go for the higher rated ReBinders or a Naked Binder. Each was rated with 4 out of 5 American Alternative stars.


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