Guided Products ReBinder Review

11 Sep

Product Description:

I’m just going to say it.  I like Guided Products.  Their business strategy is a wonderful example of what we’re trying to do here at American Alternative.  They focus on manufacturing in the USA, and they find market opportunities that allow their US-made products to be competitive.

Previously known as the Sustainable Group, Guided Products has been around since 2004.  They launched with the ReBinder and have been adding to their portfolio of office products ever since.  In addition to binders, you can buy labels, notebook, and even business cards.

Guided follows a “same shelf, same price” philosophy for their products.  Even though their products are green, recyclable, and made in the USA, they want to be sold in the same section as all the other binders, not in a specialty “sustainable” or “green” aisle.  They believe that premium office products is a great place to sell US-made products at a competitive price.  As proof of their success with this strategy, Guided became a supplier to Wal-Mart earlier this year.

There are three types of ReBinders: Original, Select, and Professional.  The Original is Guided’s classic ReBinder.  The Select is heavier duty and made from FSC certified wood.  The Professional is also heavy duty but has black tape on its spine for durability and style.

One cool feature all the ReBinders share is that the three metal rings are not riveted to the outer board.  If the outside of your binder gets too beat up, or if you no longer like all those stickers plastered on your binder, you can simply swap for a new cover.  The covers are attached with screws, so you can put on a new cover whenever you’d like.  Just make sure you recycle your old cover!

American Alternative Review:

Similar to Naked Binder’s products, ReBinders are made of recycled materials and do not use any PVC.  The company is based in Seattle, and all their manufacturing is done in the Puget Sound area.

The source as much of their supplies as they can from local sources.  The chipboard and cardboard are from Pacific Northwest suppliers.  However, all metal parts in the ReBinders are sourced from China.  Like Naked Binder, Guided gets their metal binder rings from China.

Guided Product’s ReBinder is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a binder that happens to be both environmentally friendly and made in America.  We just hope they eventually find a US supplier for those metal rings.

4/5 stars

ReBinders come in all different sizes and styles.  You can check them some of them out on Amazon here and here.


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