Naked Binder

30 Aug

Product Description:

In college, I thought that I wouldn’t need binders or folders by the time I was working because everything would be digital, but I guess I was wrong.  I still use binders to organize the many piles of papers accumulating on my desk, but I wish the binders at work were as nice as the ones made by the company we’re reviewing here, Naked Binders.

Founded in 2008 in Des Moines, Iowa, Naked Binder strongly emphasize environmental sustainability.  Their products use FSC certified paper, they don’t use any plastics or toxins, and they participate in One Percent for the Planet.  This means their binders to be 100% recyclable.  The binders are also tested to 250,000 flexes, so they are guaranteed to last a while.

Each binder is made by gluing the board material to an outer coating like cloth or paper, if one is being used.  After the edges are finished so no internal board is exposed, a seam is pressed directly into the binder.  You can see in the image here that there is a series of creases running along the binder’s spine.  After moderate use, most other binders break along the vinyl or cloth connecting the spine’s separate board pieces.  Since there is heavy duty board material throughout Naked Binders’ hinges, they are more robust and can last the 250,000 flexes.

American Alternative Review:

Naked Binder offers six different styles of binders: Naked Binders, Project Binders, Classic Binders, Eames Binders, Architect Binders, and Notebook Binders.  All of their products are manufactured in their Des Moines facility, and they all use 100% post consumer waste recycled material for their boards.  It depends on the supplier’s board’s material properties, but a large portion of their materials is also sourced from the US.

All the recycled paper and the fabric used in the Project, Classic, and Architect Binders are from US vendors.   Finally, the 3-ring mechanisms that differentiate binders from folders are sourced from China.

Despite being a relatively young company, Naked Binder has a diverse catalog of products, all made in America.  We appreciate their effort to source materials from US sources when possible, and we also appreciate their focus on environmental sustainability.

4/5 stars

To learn more about Naked Binder and purchase their products, check out the Naked Binder website here.  Naked Binders were not being sold on Amazon at the time of this posting.

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