Google Nexus Q Teardown via iFixit

7 Jul

Earlier this week we posted a link to a New York Times article talking about the growing effort from American companies to reshore their manufacturing.  Their main example was Google designing and manufacturing the Nexus Q in the US.

But since then, a number of sites have criticized Google for being slightly disingenuous because the Nexus Q is not 100.00% made in America.  Those critics are entirely missing the point.  With products as complicated as the Nexus Q, it would be impossible to source every single component in the US.  What’s important is that Google has made a genuine effort to reshore as much as possible, including the main enclosure pieces, the pcbs, and the assembly.  That means that even though it wouldn’t score a perfect 100% (if we were scoring it though, the Nexus Q would still round up to a 5/5), it would certainly be a much better choice than any of the other competing products in its category.

Further, once more companies join Google, more component manufacturers will spring up in the US to support them.  Then there will be more and more US-made OTS (off the shelf) components available for future designs.

Check out iFixit for the complete teardown and their identification of different components and where those components might be manufactured.  (The main image is also from iFixit).


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