Char-Griller Review

22 Jun

Product Description:

You may not have heard of Char-Griller before, but in the two decades since they’ve set up shop in Georgia, they’ve built up a significant following of barbecue and meat smoker enthusiasts.

Char-Griller offers a wide selection of different size barbecues at reasonable prices.   Their smallest patio grill has about 3 square feet of grilling surface, while their larger offering can have over 7 square feet of grilling surface.  All their grills use a similar construction – a powder coated steel casing with a cast iron grill surface.  Also, all their grills have the ability to connect with a side fire box (sold separately), so you can cook your meat at lower heat for a longer time.

American Alternative Review:

Char-Griller is based in the coastal city of Saint Simons Island, Georgia.  Their quick and helpful customer service representative was able to confirm that all of Char-Griller’s grills, smokers, and parts are manufactured and packaged in China.  While they are headquartered in America, we wish Char-Griller manufactured in the US as well.

1.5/5 stars

You can check out some of Char-Griller’s grills here, here, and here.

If you’re looking for a grill of comparable size and price, we encourage you to check out the Weber One-Touch line of grills, which earned a 5-star American Alternative rating.   Comparing the companies’ grills at similar prices, a Weber provides more grilling area, but a Char-Griller will give you extra features like a wooden shelves and the ability to use a side fire box.  You can also check out how the Char-Griller stacked up against all of the other grills that we reviewed in our Charcoal Grill Category Recap.

Char-Griller’s  products seem to require a significant amount of assembly labor.  This may be the reason behind their decision to manufacture in China, where the cost of labor is cheaper.  The cylindrical shape of their grills is not easy to manufacture, and features like side shelves and adjustable grates require extra time to put together.  For a look at how grills are made in the USA, check out this video showing how Webers are made.


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