Tim Cook: “I want there to be” American-made Apple Products via AppleInsider

7 Jun

Yes! What a great thing to finally hear.

Walt Mossberg then asked Cook, “There’s been a lot of talk recently about reviving manufacturing here in the U.S. You used to have a factory, I think in Colorado. You’re probably the most influential company in technology, and you’re an operations expert — will there be an Apple product ever made again in America?”

Cook emphatically answered, “I want there to be! I want there to be!”

But after overseeing manufacturing/assembly in both China and the US, I will agree that there is work to be done before we can get there.

Cook then acknowledged, “there’s an intense focus on the final assembly. Could that be done in the U.S.? I sure hope so. But look, how many tool-and-die makers do you know in America? I could ask them, nationwide, to come here tonight and we couldn’t fill [a few hundred seats in] this room,” noting that in China, tool-and-die makers fill cities.

Of course, if Apple made the commitment to move more manufacturing back to the US, I absolutely believe that skilled workers would build up around them.  I also believe that the rest of the tech industry would absolutely have to follow.

Check out the full article here.


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