Liberty BottleWorks Sports Cap

4 Jun

Even though we’re currently reviewing charcoal barbecues right now, we just came across some great news that we couldn’t wait to share.

When we reviewed reusable water bottles last year, we found a couple of great 5-star American Alternative rated water bottles that were 100% Made in the USA. They were the Liberty BottleWorks bottles and Nalgene Everyday Tritan Wide Mouth bottles (you can check out the full water bottle recap here).

Unfortunately, in a separate note, we observed that the more American-made bottles tended to have fewer features while the foreign-made bottles tended to have more features.  For example, if you wanted a bottle with a straw, you had to settle for the 18oz Nissan Intak or the Camelbak Eddy (scoring 2.5 and 1.5 stars respectively).  Similarly, if you wanted a bottle with a push-button top, you had to settle for the 24oz Nissan Intak or the Contigo Madison (scoring 2.5 stars and 2 stars respectively).

But now, Liberty Bottleworks has released a sports cap for their bottles that is (like their bottles) completely made in America.  And to the best of our knowledge, this is the only US-made cap on the market that features a straw.  So if you were originally considering the 18oz Intak or the Camelbak Eddy, you can now instead look into a Liberty BottleWorks bottle with the new sports cap.

You can read our full reusable water bottle recap here.

5/5 stars

The sports caps themselves are nicely made and screw on just like the basic Liberty BottleWorks caps.  The tops of the caps have a hinged top with a captive rubber mouthpiece for you to drink from.  A lever on the side swings the mouthpiece up to open the bottle and down to close the bottle.  And a translucent straw (not shown in the picture above) presses into the bottom of the cap and extends into the bottle to draw up water.  But if you don’t mind tipping the bottle up to drink, you actually don’t need to use the straw.  It’ll work just fine without it.

*I will note that I bought one of these caps for my Liberty BottleWorks bottle as soon as I found out about it.  I do like it.  I find it easy to drink from and durable.  Unfortunately, I’ve also found that mine leaks when I turn the bottle upside down and shake it (while the mouthpiece is closed).  It doesn’t leak very much, but it leaks enough that I wouldn’t through the bottle in a bag with other things.

You can buy them from the Liberty BottleWorks online store here.

(updated 7/21/2012)


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