PK Grills Review

6 May

Product Description:

The Portable Kitchen Grill (PK Grill) has a retro design that makes it look like a prop off the set of Mad Men.  That’s because much like Don Draper’s career, the Portable Kitchen name was born in the 1950s.  This combination barbecue and smoker was created by a Texan barbecue enthusiast who drove around the state selling PK Grills out of the back seat of his car.  The grill was a hit, and the company fared well until the 80’s, when competition from stamped metal and propane grills ate into Portable Kitchen’s sales.  Charcoal slowly fell out of favor, and Mr. Hilton Meigs, the barbecue enthusiast, folded up shop.

Years later in the late 90’s, Paul and Sarah James came across one of Mr. Meigs old grills at a garage sale.  Looking for an alternative to grills that rust, and looking for that hickory-smoked flavor propane grills just can’t provide, they decided to resurrect the PK Grill.

Surprisingly durable, there is no steel in the PK Grill, so it won’t rust*.  Many customers hold onto their grills for years, passing them down from generation to generation.  The aluminum of the PK Grill is also lighter than steel, so the PK grill is easy to transport.

American Alternative Review:

Founded in Texas by Mr. Hilton Meigs, PK Grills is now based out of Little Rock, Arkansas under the stewardship of the James Family.  The company representative we were in contact with stated that parts for their grills are made all over the US and shipped to their headquarters for packaging.  A foundry in Girard, Kansas pours the aluminum castings of the grill body and ships them 300 miles to Little Rock for assembly.

The original PK Grills of the 1950’s were made in the USA, and we’re glad to see that the contemporary Portable Kitchen company continues that tradition.  PK Grills gets our top marks!

5/5 stars

We encourage you to check out the PK Grill and accessories on Amazon here.  The grill is certainly pricey, but as you can see, the long string of positive reviews stretching back over a decade show that it is well worth it.  If you don’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars on a small grill though, we recommend looking into the Weber One-Touch Kettle, which also scored a 5-star American Alternative rating.  You can also check out how the PK Grill stacked up against all of the other grills that we reviewed in our Charcoal Grill Category Recap.

*Note that while the grill body is made of cast aluminum and won’t rust, there are some steel parts on the grill cart that supports the grill body.  Parts on the cart may rust.


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