Eco-Kids Eco-Crayons Review

26 Mar

Product Description:

We originally came across Eco-Kids when we reviewed their Eco-Finger Paints.  Since then, the more we’ve looked into their company and products, the more impressed we’ve become.

This time, we’re reviewing their Eco-Crayons, which at first glance, reminded us of the crayon rocks from Crayon Rocks and Clementine Art because… frankly, they look like little rocks.  But while those other crayons look like rounded river pebbles, the Eco-Crayons look like shards of granite.  They are craggy and textured in a magical way, as if you had chiseled them from the walls of an imaginary crayon quarry.  And while these shapes don’t help develop a proper tripod grip like those other crayon rocks, they do have a different benefit.  They make the Eco-Crayons less swallowable, and therefore safe for children two years and older instead of three and older like the other crayon rocks (two is probably too young to be worrying about proper writing grip anyway).

They are sold in packs of six colors and are also made of all natural ingredients (soy, bee, and palm wax plus natural colorants).

American Alternative Review:

Eco-Crayons stand out amongst all the other crayons out there because of their unique shape.  But where they really shine is how they are made and who makes them.

Eco-Kids is run by Kip and Cammie Weeks, who are parents of young children themselves.  They run the company out of their home in Portland, Maine, and they source all their production materials in the US, and as much as they can from Maine (for example, they purchase most of their waxes from sources in Maine, but they still use a secondary source based in Michigan).  They even make each Eco-Crayon by hand in small batches in their basement.

They don’t make the packaging in their home, but it is still 100% Made in America (and FSC certified).  It comes from a factory in Augusta, Maine, which makes the custom boxes out of 100% recycled corrugated cardboard, uses low impact soy-based dyes, and runs off of wind power.

5/5 stars

You can check the Eco-Crayons out at Amazon*, but we’d recommend buying them directly from the Eco-Kids site instead.  They are a little cheaper there, and the shipping is less (Eco-Crayons sold on Amazon at the time of this review don’t qualify for Prime or Free Super Saver Shipping).

You can also see how the Eco-Kids Eco-Crayons compared to all of the other crayons we reviewed in our full Crayons Recap.

*Note that the pictures shown on Amazon display the Eco-Crayons with their old metal packaging tin.  All new Eco-Crayons now come in the boxes shown above.


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