Crazy Crayons Review

20 Mar

Product Description:

Most crayons use fresh pigment and virgin petroleum-based wax as their main ingredients, but not Crazy Crayons.  The wax and pigment in Crazy Crayons comes from old used crayons that have been recycled.   As part of a national crayon recycling program, Americans can mail in their used up or broken crayon pieces to the Crazy Crayon workshop, where the bits will be melted down and cast into new shapes.  Even the crayon’s paper wrapping is repurposed and resold as fire kindling.

The company makes crayons in a range of shapes and sizes.  Their more popular shapes include stars, bars, and earthworms, but they also sell multi-toned swirl crayons and jumbo sized cylindrical crayons.  Their Eco Stars are very well rated and have the added bonus of allowing children to easily draw parallel lines.  Their Can of Worms are earthworm shaped crayons packaged in a tin container.

Children across the country send in their used crayons for recycling, and over 40 tons of crayons have been recycled since 1993.

American Alternative Review:

Crazy Crayons is run by LuAnn Foty out of  her Steamboat Springs, CO workshop.  The company encourages people to only send crayons made in the USA for their recycling program.  They also sort out crayons made by companies not registered with the US Consumer Products Safety Commission in order to keep Crazy Crayons safe.  Ultimately, 98% of the used crayons that make up Crazy Crayons are Crayola brand, and since many Crayola crayons are made in America (but not their Jumbo Crayons), a good majority of Crazy Crayons’ materials are sourced from America.

In addition, the company does extensive research to find packaging that is made in America out of recycled or renewable resources.  All of their packaging meets this criteria except for their recyclable zip baggies.

Crazy Crayons earns the title of American Alternative Approved for being an American company that uses old American-made crayons as the main ingredient in their products.  They also have our appreciation for their efforts in diverting old crayons from landfills.

5/5 stars

You can purchase some Crazy Crayon products through Amazon, such as Eco Stars‘Recycle’ Crayon Sticks, and Earth Worms.  For a full list of their products, check out their website.

You can also see how Crazy Crayons compared to all of the other crayons we reviewed in our full Crayons Recap.


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