Sargent Art Crayon Review

1 Mar

Product Description:

Sargent Art surprised me.  When we started researching the company, I just expected to find another US company rebranding Chinese made goods to sell in America.  I was wrong.

Not much information about Sargent Art before 2006 is readily available.  The company was founded in 1930 in Pennsylvania, and in 2006, it was bought by Pidilite USA, Inc.  The Pidilite Group is a publicly traded Indian company based out of Mumbai.  It owns a variety of companies in different industries worldwide (including Sargent Art), but it is best known for being the  largest adhesive manufacturer in India.  Pidilite USA is a subsidiary of this Indian conglomerate.

Sargent Art is headquartered in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and actually still does some of their crayon manufacturing in their own Pennsylvania factory!  I thought that Crayola was the only company making crayons in PA, but it looks like I was mistaken.

American Alternative Review:

Sargent Art products are made in both China and Pennsylvania.  To know where an item in manufactured, look at the first two digits of the item number – anything starting with 55 is made in China and anything starting with 22 or 35 is made in the USA.  This numbering system applies to all of Sargent Art’s products, but this review focuses on their regular crayons.

While some of their manufacturing is done in China, Sargent Art is our first review of a foreign company that manufactures their product in America.  Pidilite maintains the old Sargent Art headquarters in America for R&D and sales, so that also garners them some more points.

Since some of their crayons are made in the US and some are made in China, we’ve split up our ratings.

Chinese-made: 0/5 stars

American-made: 4/5 stars

You can check out Sargent Art’s American-made crayons here and here.  Their Chinese made bulk pack is here.  Note that you get half as many US-made crayons as Chinese-made ones at the same MSRP.

If you’re looking for regular crayons, we recommend you check out the rest of the crayons we reviewed in our Crayon Category Recap like the ones from Crayola instead.


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