Clementine Art Natural Crayons & Natural Crayon Rocks Review

27 Feb

Clementine Art Natural Crayons

Product Description:

We first came across Clementine Art in November 2011 when we reviewed their Natural Paint Set.  And as we mentioned in the Natural Paint Set review:

The company’s founding mission was to make products that went beyond the FDA’s legal definition of “non-toxic.”  Today they offer a number of art products, ranging from modeling dough to glue, made of entirely natural and organic materials.

That line of products also includes two types of crayons.  The first of the two types are the Natural Crayons (shown above).  They come in a set of six basic colors and are sized similarly to competitor’s jumbo crayons (easily held by a toddler).  But unlike other crayons, they are shaped like little rocket ships (with ribs to keep them from rolling around).

Clementine Art Natural Crayon RocksThe second of the two types are the Natural Crayon Rocks, which are very similar to these Crayon Rocks (shown to the right).  They come in a set of nine colors and are shaped to help young children develop a standard tripod-style writing grip.

Both types are primarily made of kosher soy wax and colored with natural mineral pigments (with some other natural ingredients).  Unfortunately that means that the full-sized Natural Crayons are fairly fragile.  They will break or shatter if they aren’t treated gently.  The shape and size of the Natural Crayon Rocks mitigates this problem, making them more appropriate for younger children (but not appropriate for the youngest children such as those under the age of 3 because they may present a choking hazard).

American Alternative Review:

In addition to being made out of entirely natural materials, all Clementine Art crayons are entirely made in the USA.  The materials (such as the soybeans) are sourced from across the US.  Then the crayons are made in California before being shipped to Colorado, where Clementine Art is located and the packaging is made.

5/5 stars

Because of how American-made they are, the Natural Crayons make great alternatives to other large-sized crayons like the Crayola Jumbo Crayons or the Melissa & Doug Jumbo Triangular Crayons, which are both made overseas.  You can check them out here.

But if you’re considering the Natural Crayon Rocks (which you can check out here), we’d recommend looking into Crayon Rocks because they are very similar in design, they are equally American Alternative-rated, and they are a little bit better of a deal.


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