Crayola Jumbo Crayon Review

23 Feb

Product Description:

Last week, we reviewed the classic Crayola crayon we all know and love.  Today, we review another Crayola crayon, the jumbo crayon.  The jumbo crayon is basically a very large (jumbo!) classic crayon, designed for younger children.   The larger diameter of the jumbo crayon is easier for a young child to hold, and it makes the crayon stronger and harder to break.

These jumbo crayons are only offered in one set of their 8 classic colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Brown, and Black.

American Alternative Review:

Crayola owns and operates three factories worldwide – two in Pennsylvania and one in Mexico City.  They contract the factories of outside companies to create some of their non-crayon products, such as the Faber-Castell plants in Brazil for their colored pencils.

The jumbo crayon is made in Crayola’s Mexico plant, but it’s unclear where the packaging for this crayon is made.  The colored pencil packaging is made in Pennsylvania and shipped to their contracted plants, but since the jumbo crayon is made in a Crayola-owned plant, it is likely that the packaging is also made in Mexico.

1.5/5 stars*

*Whether packaging is made in Pennsylvania or Mexico, the score still rounds to 1.5

Feel free to check out a box of jumbo crayons here.

If you’re looking for crayons but don’t need something designed especially for young children that might swallow small objects, then we recommend you check out Crayon Rocks or Crayola classic crayons, both American Alternative Approved products.


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