Melissa & Doug Triangular and Jumbo Triangular Crayons Review

14 Feb

Product Description:

Melissa & Doug LLC (which we previously researched in our Melissa & Doug Finger Paint Set Review here) makes two different sizes of crayons: regular and jumbo.  In either size the crayons are triangular to prevent rolling around on a table and to encourage using a proper writing grip.

But more interestingly, the Melissa & Doug crayons aren’t primarily made of paraffin or soy wax (although the formulation does include some paraffin).  They are instead primarily made of plastic.  Specifically (as the Melissa & Doug customer service reps confirmed), they are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which is the same type of plastic used to make plastic bags.  Even more specifically, we believe that they are made of a comparatively esoteric flavor of low-density PE called ultra-low-molecular-weight polyethylene (ULMWPE), which is often used as a lubricant or to modify the viscosity or melting point of other plastics.  And because the Melissa & Doug triangular crayons are made of ULMWPE, they are harder and more durable than regular crayons.

Put simply, these crayons will write and color like regular wax crayons, but won’t crack and break as easily.

*Note that even though ULMWPE is a petroleum-based plastic, it is still ensured to be safe and non-toxic (you can view the compliance report here).

American Alternative Review:

Just like the Melissa & Doug Finger Paint Set that we reviewed earlier, these crayons are designed and specified by Melissa & Doug’s in-house design team in Connecticut, but the materials are sourced and the crayons are made by contract manufacturers based in GuangDong, China.  And as we explained in that earlier review, this arrangement still technically defines Melissa & Doug as the manufacturer, even though the average person wouldn’t describe it that way.

1.5/5 stars

You can check out the regular sized triangular crayons in a 12 pack set here or a 24 pack set here.  You can also check out the jumbo sized triangular crayons here.

But if your little artist isn’t prone to swallowing small things, we recommend considering Crayon Rocks from Crayon Rocks LLC.  They make great alternatives to the Melissa & Doug Crayons not only because they’re highly American-Alternative rated, but also because their small, rock-like shapes similarly make the crayons more durable and less likely to break when dropped than other crayons.  You can also check out how both options compared to all the other crayons we reviewed at our Crayons Category Recap.

(updated 3/3/2012)


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