Crayon Rocks Review

4 Feb

Product Description:

Inspired by her work as a special-education teacher, Barbara Lee saw the need for a new type of crayon to help her students develop their grip strength and fine motor skills.  She wanted the crayons to teach a proper tripod grip yet still be accessible to young or disabled children.  She developed these small, whimsical crayons shaped like little rocks, which eventually gave the name “Crayon Rocks” to both the product and the company.

The company currently offers two sets of soy-based Crayon Rocks, an eight-crayon set of Primary Colors and a sixteen-color set of Summer Colors.  Each set comes in two different packaging options, a blue velvet bag or a muslin cotton bag for the Primary Colors and a red velvet bag or a muslin cotton bag for the Summer Colors.

The company also offers a box set that has the same colors as the Summer Colors bags, but it has four of each color instead of just one.

American Alternative Review:

Crayon Rocks was founded in 2006 in California.  Now the company is based in Kentucky.  In both locations, it has ensured that every part of its crayons is made in the USA.  The soybeans are grown on the East coast, and the crayons are manufactured in Kentucky (originally California).  Even the printed label tag is made in the US from a third-party American vendor.

The only exception to this American-made commitment may be the bags the crayons come in.  Crayon Rocks sources them from another US-based company, but that company won’t disclose the bags’ manufacturing origin to Crayon Rocks.  Crayon Rocks also won’t disclose the bag supplier to American Alternative for further research, which forces us to assume that the bags are made overseas.

Crayon Rocks even has a Chinese website that sells their American-made products overseas!

5/5 stars*

*Even when assuming that the bags are made overseas, the final score still rounds up to 5 stars.

You can check out the 16-color set here.

Or you can check out the 8-color set here.

As a final note, despite the fact that Crayon Rocks are made to be a child’s first writing instrument, they are small and potential choking hazards.  They are not recommended for children under the age of three.


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