P’kolino Triangle Pencils Review

16 Jan

Product Description:

P’kolino also offers another set of colored pencils that are different from the Hexagon Colored Pencils that we reviewed earlier.  Unlike those pencils, which were made entirely of hard wax, these P’kolino Triangle Pencils are traditionally constructed pencils with a colored hard wax inner inside a wood outer.  They are also triangular in shape, which helps children to develop a proper writing/drawing grip in addition to preventing them from rolling off a table.

As a bonus, P’kolino ensures that all of the wood is sustainably harvested.  They are even “green” enough to be stocked at my local natural-food grocery store.  Here’s a picture of me checking them out.

American Alternative Review:

Like the other P’kolino products we’ve reviewed so far, these pencils are not designed or manufactured by P’kolino.  They are contracted from another company and then resold under the P’kolino brand.  But unlike the Hexagon Pencils and the Finger Paints, the Triangle Pencils are not sourced from Jovi in Spain.  They are instead from a company based in Taiwan, which is also where manufacturing takes place and the materials are sourced (the wood is also sustainably harvested from Taiwanese forests).

1/5 stars

You can check them out here.  But we recommend you consider the highly rated General Pencil Colored Pencils instead.


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