Rose Art Colored Pencils Review

13 Jan

Product Description

Rose Art is a fairly well known company with a long history.  Established in New York City in 1923 by Isdidor Rosen, the company began as Rosebud Art Company,  a producer of coloring books and games.  The company changed its name to Rose Art in the late 70’s and survived a 1985 fire that destroyed its inventory, equipment, and records.

In 2005, the Rose Art company was acquired for $315 million by Mega Brands, Inc., a large Canadian manufacturer of toys and craft products.  At the time of acquisition, the company was still headed by the Rosen family.   The Rosens filed a lawsuit in 2006 accusing some Mega Brand executives of insider trading.  Mega Brands counter-sued, and a 2009 settlement resulted in the Rosens paying back $17.2 million.

Rose Art’s line of colored pencils are fairly well distributed and can be found in many stores across the country.  However, unlike Prismacolor’s Premier line or General Pencil’s MultiChrome line of colored pencils, Rose Art’s pencils are not considered to be ‘artist quality’.  However, for a young art enthusiast or someone who just needs some colored pencils, they are an excellent option.

American Alternative Review

While Rose Art started as an American company, it is now a subsidiary of Mega Brands America, Inc, which is a subsidiary of the Canadian Mega Brands, Inc.

We reached out to Rose Art for more information about their products and manufacturing process.  We prefer to get as much information as possible before analyzing a product and posting a review.  The customer service representative that assisted me mentioned that all of Rose Art’s products are manufactured outside of the United States, to the best of her knowledge.  She was also unsure of where their packaging is produced, but like in our review of General Pencil’s Colored Pencils, even if the packaging were produced in the US, it would not make a big difference.

0/5 stars

You can check out some of Rose Art’s products here and here.  You can also see how these pencils stack up against the other colored pencils we reviewed in our colored pencil category recap.  Ultimately, we recommend you consider something like the highly American-Alternative-rated General Pencil Colored Pencils.

If you’re looking for a low-cost set of colored pencils, we recommend substituting these pencils with the Crayola Colored Pencils.  The Crayola Pencils cost just slightly more than the Rose Art Pencils (and much less than the General Pencil Colored Pencils) while still scoring 2 stars on our reviewing scale.


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