P’kolino Hexagon Colored Pencils Review

6 Jan

Product Description:

In addition to their finger paints, which we reviewed in December 2011, the Florida-based P’kolino also offers a couple of different sets of colored pencils.

The most popular set is the P’kolino Hexagon Colored Pencils. Like other colored pencils, the P’kolino pencils have a hexagonal body so they won’t roll off a table, and they come to a writing/drawing point that you can sharpen with a standard pencil sharpener. But unlike other colored pencils, the P’kolino pencils don’t use any wood. As shown in the main picture and the closeup to the left, they are made entirely out of the non-toxic hard wax “color” part of a colored pencil, making them very similar to the woodless graphite pencils that sketch artists use for shading. The wax is also hard enough that the pencils won’t color your hands while you use them (unlike the graphite in woodless graphite pencils, which need a special outer coating).

American Alternative Review:

As we mentioned in the P’kolino finger paint review, this company is really a children’s furniture manufacturer. It doesn’t design or manufacture its art products; it just buys them from other companies and resells them. These colored pencils are made by Jovi out of Spanish-sourced materials in Jovi’s facilities outside of Barcelona.

1/5 stars

Note that, as with its finger paints, P’kolino offers a second version of their Hexagon Colored Pencils called Britto Hexagon Colored Pencils in collaboration with Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto. But these pencils are exactly the same as the original pencils except that they have a new Romero Britto-inspired graphic design on the packaging and cost a dollar more ($6.99 vs $5.99) on the P’kolino website.

You can check both of them out at Amazon, where they are both currently listed at $6.99 (which comes out cheaper than the P’kolino website when you use Amazon’s Prime or Super Saver Shipping). The original P’kolino Hexagon Colored Pencils are here and Britto ones are here.

But we recommend you consider the highly American-Alternative-rated General Pencil Colored Pencils.


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