Fast Co Design’s American Manufacturing Series

13 Dec

Fast Co Design contributor Ravi Sawhney has a series of articles about American manufacturing in the context of the global marketplace.  It’s quite an interesting read, and gives good perspective on America’s strengths and competencies in manufacturing.  Parts one and two of the ongoing series are available now.

Part One discusses the current state of the American manufacturing base.  It is a fairly quick read and provides some interesting bits of data.  Did you know that the US leads the world in manufacturing with somewhere around 20% of global manufacturing occurring here?

Part Two focuses more on the relationship between China and America. By far, the most surprising fact is that American manufacturing is able to remain competitive with China despite being 10% of the Chinese workforce.  The article also reveals America’s strength in intellectual property.  More patents are files in the US than any other country, helping protect domestic manufacturing.  However, China’s number of patent filings are growing every year, and they already lead us in Trademark and Industrial Design filings.

Thanks to Fast Co Design for a fascinating series.  We’ll post interesting articles like this  every now and then, but feel free to let us know if you come across anything you’d like to share.


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