P’kolino Finger Paints Review

1 Dec

pkolino finger paints

Product Description:

P’kolino is different from all the other toy companies we’ve looked at so far in that it’s not really a toy company.  It’s primarily a children’s furniture company that grew out of a 2004 collaborative project between Babson MBA students and RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) students.  Over the years, the company has expanded its product offerings from a single product (the now-retired P’kolino play table) to full lines of children’s play, storage, seating, and bedroom furniture.

The company eventually added basic arts and crafts to their product offerings as well, including the P’Kolino finger paints.  The paints come in a set of five colors (blue, red, yellow, green, and brown) in small plastic tubs with pop-tops.  Unfortunately though, a few online reviewers point out that these paints contain paraformaldehyde, a suspected carcinogen.  And while various formaldehydes are commonly used in everyday products and are considered to be “non-toxic” when kept under regulated levels… it seems like an unnecessary risk to take with young children, especially when there are other readily available alternative products that are completely non-toxic.  You can learn more about paraformaldehyde here.

American Alternative Review:

P’kolino draws its roots from two Northeastern American institutions, Babson College and the Rhode Island School of Design, and now the company is based in Dania Beach, Florida.  It also has an internal team based in Florida that designs some (but not all) of the products that the company offers.  But we believe that all of the products are made overseas (some of their products might be made in America, but we are not aware of any).

Specifically, the P’kolino Finger Paints are contracted products from Jovi, a Spanish art supply company which designs, sources, and manufactures the paints and their packaging in the Jovi factory in Barcelona.

1/5 stars

Note that P’kolino also offers a new version of their finger paints called Britto Finger Paints in collaboration with Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto.  But these paints are exactly the same as the original P’kolino Finger Paints except that they have a new Romero Britto inspired graphic design on the packaging.

You can check out the original P’kolino Finger Paints here or the ones with the Romero Britto inspired packaging here.

We recommend considering the Crayola Washable Finger Paints instead, which don’t have paraformaldehyde and are made in America and 5-star American Alternative rated.  Or consider the Clementine Art Natural Paint Set and the Eco-Kids Eco-Finger Paint, which are not only 5-star American Alternative rated but also 100% natural and organic.


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