Alex Toys Washable Finger Paints Review

23 Nov

Product Description

Founded in 1986 by the husband and wife team of Nurit and Rick Amdur, Alex Toys (like Melissa & Doug) has grown into a toy-manufacturing giant with over 1000 different products and hundreds of accumulated toy awards. FAO Schwarz even awarded Alex with FAO’s first ever Vendor of the Year Award in 2008.

Unfortunately though, the Alex Toys Washable Finger Paints do not appear to reflect the same quality that FAO Schwarz saw in the company’s other products, as the Amazon reviews for these finger paints seem overwhelmingly negative. Many of the reviews note that the paints feel like Jell-O and smell like rotten eggs.

American Alternative Review

Alex Toys is based in Northvale, New Jersey, but the company does all of its manufacturing and sourcing overseas. The Washable Finger Paints are imported from Hong Kong. And because few things are still manufactured in Hong Kong and finger paints are a relatively simple product, I would wager that these Washable Finger Paints are ODM products (designed by Chinese vendors and relabeled under the Alex Toys brand) sold to Alex Toys from a company based in Hong Kong that manages the manufacturing in neighboring Shenzhen. It is very unlikely that Alex Toys’ internal team of toy designers specified the paints and had them contract manufactured.

1/5 stars

You can check it out here.

Note that even though the page says the finger paints come with a work mat and a pattern maker tool, Alex Toys confirms that the package only includes the finger paints.

You can also see how the Alex Toys Washable Finger Paints compared to the other finger paints we reviewed at our finger paint category recap.  Ultimately, we recommend considering American Alternative recommended products such as the Clementine Art Natural Paint Set or the Crayola Washable Finger Paints which are not only made in America but are also liquid paints. You can also consider the Eco-Kids Finger Paint which comes as a powder but can be mixed to any consistency you like.


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