Eco-Kids Eco-Finger Paint Review

22 Nov

Product Description

Like Clementine Art, Eco-Kids is a small company dedicated to providing healthy, 100% natural, eco-friendly products for kids. It was created in 2008 by two enterprising parents (Cammie & Kip Weeks) who took the homemade art supplies that they made for their two children (Jack & Maggie) and started selling them at local farmer’s markets around their home in California.

They started with their Eco-Dough line of modeling dough and quickly expanded into other products like their Eco-Finger Paint, which is a line of finger paints made of entirely natural materials and colored with various vegetable and plant extracts. Now, there’s even a Gluten-Free version of the Eco-Finger Paint.

Unlike other finger paints though, the Eco-Kids finger paints don’t come in liquid paint form. They come in a set of five dried paint powders. To use them, you have to “make” the paint by measuring out the powder and mixing it with a measured amount of water. When compared to other finger paints, this extra step makes the Eco-Paints more of a hassle to use. But it also mean the paints will last longer since your kids will only have access to the predetermined amount you make for a given play session. Each of the five tubs of powder also makes about ten ounces of paint (compared to the four ounces of paint in a Crayola Finger Paint tube), which helps partially make up for the Eco-Finger Paint’s higher price tag.

Warning from Eco-Kids: the purple paint will definitely stain clothes.

American Alternative Review

Despite expanding its product line, opening up distribution to multiple countries, and no longer operating out of the Weeks’ home, Eco-Kids is still a home business at heart. Cammie and Kip still hand-mix all of their Eco-Finger Paints in their Portland, Maine home/office (relocated from Hollywood, California), which is about as Made in America as it gets. And what they can’t make by hand, they source responsibly. For example, the Eco-Finger Paint tubs and packaging are made out of recycled post-consumer material and printed with soy dyes in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

5/5 stars

You can check it out here.

But if you’re a too busy to deal with paint powder instead of paint we also recommend considering the Clementine Art Natural Paint Set which is also 100% natural and equally 5-star American Alternative rated. You can also consider the incredibly easy to use Crayola Washable Finger Paints which come in squeeze bottles, are 5-star American Alternative rated, and sell at a lower price.


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