Bazic Finger Paint Set Review

11 Nov

bazic finger paint setProduct Description:

Unlike many of the other companies featured here, Bazic is primarily a sourcing and importing company, not a manufacturer.  The company is very up front about this fact on its website.

This means that Bazic builds its catalog by selecting multiple products from many different ODMs (original design manufacturers) across the globe.  For example, an ODM has designed and executed this finger paint set in its entirety and marketed it to companies like Bazic.  Bazic buys the finger paint sets from the ODM (maybe with an exclusive purchasing agreement), packages them (maybe by Bazic, maybe by the ODM, maybe by another company), and resells them under the Bazic brand to distributors, retailers, and end consumers.

This arrangement gives retailers access to a diverse catalog of products all in a single place at very low prices.  It’s also why Bazic can offer this full six-color paint set for less than $5, which is notably cheaper than the Clementine Art Natural Paint Set we reviewed yesterday and any other finger paint set that we’re planning on reviewing in the near future.

American Alternative Review:

Bazic gets some points for being an American company, and despite its ODM-based structure, some of the products it offers might be made in the USA by an American ODM.   Unfortunately, the Bazic finger paint set isn’t one of them.  The specific ODM for this finger paint set is Chinese, and the paints, the plastic tubs, and the packaging are all made in China.

1/5 stars

You can check it out here.  We recommend considering the previously mentioned Clementine Art’s Natural Paint Set or the Crayola Washable Finger Paints instead, which both scored 5/5 stars.


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