Clementine Art Natural Paint Set Review

10 Nov

clementine art natural paint setProduct Description:

Clementine Art is a young, small company based in Boulder, Colorado that was created by Diana Mercer in early 2009 and inspired by her work as a teacher at a local children’s art space (and company namesake), Clementine Studio.  The company’s founding mission was to make products that went beyond the FDA’s legal definition of “non-toxic.”  Today they offer a number of art products, ranging from modeling dough to glue, made of entirely natural and organic materials.

As advertised by its name, the Clementine Art Natural Paint Set is consistent with that ethic, containing six rich colors without any chemical dyes or other additives.

Note though that despite the Clementine website stating that the paints are washable with soap and water, some online reviews have had problems with the blue and purple paints, especially on items you can’t throw in the washing machine such as couches and carpets.

American Alternative Review:

Clementine Art has quickly become one of my favorite companies since we started this blog.  In addition to ensuring its products are completely natural, Clementine Art also takes pride in ensuring its products are entirely made in America from American-sourced materials.  That includes each and every part of the Natural Paint Set ranging from the paints (made in Arizona), to the recyclable plastic screw-top tubs (made in Colorado), and the packaging (made in Colorado).

All these features make this set a great gift for any budding Picasso…unless you have white furniture.

5/5 stars

You can check them out here.

You might also want to consider the Crayola Washable Finger Paints which also scored 5/5 stars but come in 4-color sets and are packaged in squeeze tubes instead of screw-top tubs.


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