Reusable Water Bottle Recap

7 Nov

We’ve spent months researching and reviewing lots of different reusable water bottles, and we are finally ready to look at other products.  But before we open up a new category, here’s a quick recap of what we found:

If you’re looking for a simple and durable reusable water bottle, you can’t go wrong with the basic Nalgene Wide Mouth bottle.  It scored 5 out of 5 stars and definitely gets a Made in the USA stamp from us.

Grey Nalgene

The Liberty Bottle Works bottle earned another 5-star review, making it a great choice and a great American Alternative to buying a Klean Kanteen bottle or a Sigg bottle (the cylindrically digital printing makes cooler-looking bottles anyway).

Liberty Bottle Works now even sells a sports cap accessory that has a straw and is also 100% made in the USA.

A selection of Liberty Bottle Works bottles

Finally, the Platypus SoftBottle also earned a 5-star review, offering an entirely made in the USA flexible and collapsible “bag-style” water bottle.  Additionally, because the Platypus PlusBottle version of the SoftBottle is so similar to the Vapur anti-bottle, we would definitely recommend it over the Vapur option (even though it scored a fairly high 4/5).

Platypus SoftBottles

If you prefer glass to metal or plastic, the Be Truly You Metro bottles and the Life Factory bottles are good, high-scoring water bottles as well.  The Metro bottle is a little more “made in America” but the Life Factory bottle is probably of slightly higher quality.*

Closing out the field are the two straw-style bottles and the two push-button bottles.  For the straw-style bottles, there is the 18oz Intak, which scored 2.5 stars and the Camelbak Eddy, which scored 1.5 stars.  Instead of either of those, we’d recommend the 5-star rated Liberty Bottle Works bottles with their new sports cap which we mentioned above.

With the push-button bottles, there aren’t any great options and we’d recommend sticking with the simpler Nalgene Wide Mouth bottles, the Liberty Bottle Works bottles, or the Platypus SoftBottles if you can.  If you absolutely need a push-button-style bottle though, there are the Nalgene OTF, which is the most American-made, the Contigo Madison, which works the best but is the least American-made, and the 24oz Intak, which lands right in the middle.*

If you’re curious about a water bottle that we didn’t review, mention it as a comment on our Tips & Requests page.  We’ll look into it and add it to our database of water bottles.

*Quality is based on a combination of Amazon reviews

(Originally posted 11/7/2011.  Most recently updated 3/31/2013.)


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