Vapur Anti-Bottle Review

23 Oct

Vapur Anti-Bottle

Product Description:

Reusable water bottles need to be as convenient as disposable bottles to convince people to switch over, and that is what Vapur is striving for with their Anti-Bottle. Rigid glass and plastic reusable bottles can take up a lot of space, and their cylindrical shape can be awkward to fit into bags and purses. A lightweight alternative to rigid bottles, the Anti-Bottle is made of layers of pliable plastic bonded together to make a pouch. It is stiff enough to stand on its own when filled but can be rolled up when empty, making it extremely portable. For extra convenience, the Anti-Bottle comes with a carabiner that allows you to clip the bottle to anything and can also be used to keep the bottle in its rolled-up form, as shown in the image above.

The Anti-Bottle is freezer-safe since the flexible plastic allows it to deform as the liquid inside expands when freezing. While it is also dishwasher safe, I am skeptical of how well a dishwasher can clean the inside of what is effectively a plastic bag. Vapur recommends hand-washing with a few drops of soap and warm water. Regardless of how you wash it, drying the Anti-Bottle is similar to trying to dry the inside of a plastic bag and can prove difficult. Puffing the bottle with air and leaving it upside-down overnight seems to be the best method of drying.

Like many other companies, Vapur has partnered with other artists and an organization like the MoMA to offer limited edition designs, but the bottle is offered in a variety of solid colors as well. You can check out the variety of sizes and designs on their website.

American Alternative Review:

Vapur is a Southern California-based company with manufacturing in Minneapolis and distribution centers in both California and Minnesota. Launched in 2009, the Anti-Bottle is made from three plastic layers bonded together; the innermost layer is food-safe polyethylene and the outer two layers are nylon, providing strength and puncture-resistance. Polyethylene is a safe and widely used plastic found in items such as bottles, toys, and food packaging. It is abbreviated PE and is number 2 and 4 on the resin identification code. The Anti-Bottle caps are made of FDA-approved polypropylene and are also manufactured in Minneapolis. The only part of the bottle not made in America is the carabiner, which is an aluminum part most likely sourced from China (so the “Made in the USA” markings are only partially true).

Vapur’s marketing promotes the Anti-Bottle as a convenient and ecologically friendly alternative to bottled water, with the US manufacturing aspect being secondary. The Anti-Bottle is definitely convenient, but it also gets high marks from us for supporting the US manufacturing base.

4/5 stars

You can purchase the Anti-Bottle here.

You can also check out how American-made all the water bottles we reviewed are at our reusable water bottle category recap.  There you’ll find better alternatives like the entirely Made in the USA Nalgene Every Day Tritan Wide Mouth bottles and Liberty Bottle Works bottles.  You’ll also find the Platypus PlusBottle which is very similar to the Anti-Bottle but has an integrated hanging loop that isn’t made in China.

If you do decide to purchase a Vapur Anti-Bottle, please note that there have been multiple complaints on Amazon about counterfeit Anti-Bottles. Follow these guidelines to make sure it is authentic.

originally posted 10/23/2011, updated 3/31/2013


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