Liberty Bottle Works 24oz and 32 oz Bottles Review

18 Oct

A selection of Liberty Bottle Works bottles

Product Description:

Liberty Bottle Works was founded for a single purpose: to make American-made bottles out of entirely recycled materials. That message was so powerful that by the time the first bottles shipped in October 2010, major retailers from Whole Foods to REI were already clamoring to sell them.

At first glance the Liberty Bottle Works bottles look like near-copies of basic Sigg water bottles, except for the fact that they are American-made out of 100% recycled aluminum (the cap is made of recycled polypropylene). They both have the same rough shape, aluminum construction, decorative printing, and plastic cap. But upon closer inspection, the Liberty Bottle Works bottles have two bonus features that really differentiate them from Siggs and other bottles.

First, instead of a threaded insert to hold the cap in place, the Liberty Bottle Works bottles have a handy system where three external nubs on the neck of the bottle lock the cap into place with just a convenient quarter-turn. Plus, without standard threads, the inside of the neck is smooth and easy to clean.

Second, Liberty Bottle Works bottles are decorated with a special process called “Cylindrically Digital Printing.” The end result is that the bottles bright graphics aren’t smooth and flat like regular screen-printing. The color layers build up texturally, adding a subtle three-dimensional effect to the graphics (which makes even more sense with their TOPO line of bottles) that simultaneously make the bottle more tactile and grip-able.

American Alternative Review:

This is where Liberty Bottle Works bottles really shine. Every one of the bottles is made in America in Liberty Bottle Works’s 35,000 sq ft facility in Yakima, Washington. The caps are made in a separate factory about 1.5 miles away (also in Yakima), the aluminum used in production is sourced from Wisconsin, and the graphic designs are created by various local artists. The company even asserts that every bit of machinery used in production is American-made.

Ultimately, Liberty Bottle Works was founded to make things as American-made and responsibly designed as possible, and so far the company follows through with that intention.

Here’s a quote from their website to close this review:

What makes us a Vintage American company? At Liberty, vintage means a return to fit your needs. To our roots. American Made is about taking pride in each other. Maybe it is just a bottle. Maybe it is something that makes you look at things differently. Pick one up and we guarantee you’ll feel the pride, passion and honesty that is forged into every Liberty Bottle.

5/5 stars

You can check out their single color “Straight Up” bottles here.

Or all their product lines including the cylindrically digital printed ones here.

You can also check out how American-made all the water bottles we reviewed are at our reusable water bottle category recap.  There you’ll find other entirely Made in the USA bottles like the Nalgene Every Day Tritan Wide Mouth bottles.


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