Camelbak Better Bottle Review

18 Aug

Camelbak Better Bottle in multiple colorsProduct Description:

During a hot summer bike race in 1988, Michael Eidson needed a better way to stay hydrated, so he made the very first hydration pack out of an IV bag, a tube sock, and a clothes pin. Since then, that quick invention has grown into Camelbak, the world’s leading manufacturer of personal hydration systems and a direct supplier to the US military and over 50 foreign armies (cool factoid: several Air Force fighter planes include Camelbak hydration packs as part of their ejection-seat-survival-kits).

Eventually, Camelbak expanded into bottles with very popular Better Bottle.  It’s made out of BPA-free Tritan copolyester and features a straw with a bite valve just like the iconic Camelbak hydration packs.

In 2012 though, Camelbak released the Eddy as a new and improved version of the Better Bottle.

American Alternative Review:

Since it launched the Eddy Camelbak has stopped selling the Better Bottle, but there are still enough of them in the various distribution channels that you can still pick one up.  If you decide that you want to do that, note that not a single part of the Better Bottle is made in America. The company manufactures every part in China. The only slight exception is the Tritan copolyester, which Camelbak ships to China from the US in stock plastic pellets, which are then molded into the bottle part of the Better Bottle.

Camelbak also started out as a small American company, but has since lost a bit of that American identity by becoming part of a large multinational corporation (it was acquired by Kransco, and then by Bear Stearns, and then presumably by JP Morgan Chase in their acquisition of Bear Stearns) and by opening a foreign office in Italy.

(1.5/5 stars)

You can still find them in stock at Amazon in both the regular version and the insulated version.  Instead, you might want to check out the Eddy (the improved version of the Better Bottle that also scored 1.5/5 stars) or take a look at our reusable water bottle category recap to see how the Better Bottle stacks up against all the other water bottles that we reviewed.  There you’ll find other water bottles that we’d recommend over both the Better Bottle and the Eddy such as the Liberty Bottle Works or the Nalgene Everyday Wide Mouth.

Originally posted 8/18/2011, revised 3/29/2013.


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