Be Truly You Metro Bottle Review

31 Jul

Be Truly You Metro Bottle

Product Description:

Be Truly You is a quirky little company based just North of Seattle, Washington. Their corporate identity is a little too meta for me to adequately capture here, but the basic gist is captured in their “eco-friendly and soul-friendly” tag-line and their commitment to donate part of their profits to philanthropic causes. This ethos of environmental stewardship informs their entire product line, which includes recycled/recyclable glass bottles and organic cotton/bamboo clothes.

Their leading bottle, the Metro bottle, is a simple, reusable glass beverage bottle with a classic metal screw-top. It’s made of 20% recycled glass, and it’s retro design resembles an old-fashioned glass milk bottle that reminds me of props used in period movies set in the 40’s.

It also comes in a couple of different designs that echo the corporate message. Unfortunately, because of these designs (I’m assuming), Be Truly You recommends that you hand wash the Metro bottle, unlike the dishwasher-safe Lifefactory water bottles.

American Alternative Review:

The Be Truly You website proudly exclaims that the Metro bottle is “Made in the USA!” That statement, however, is a bit misleading. As it turns out, the bottle is made in the USA from American-sourced glass. The cap is not.

When I contacted the company directly, their representative couldn’t find out where the caps were manufactured even after she spent some time doing internal research. To me, that means the caps are ots (off-the-shelf) parts that follow a standard threading specification, and they aren’t actually designed or manufactured by Be Truly You. It also means that the caps are most likely mass produced in an offshore factory in ridiculous quantities and sold to multiple companies for different products.

(Update: Be Truly You has confirmed that the caps are OTS parts that fit their bottles. They are made in Canada.)

Furthermore, while the different graphics printed on the Metro bottles are created by local Seattle artists, the printing takes place in BC, Canada.

Despite the cap and the printing, the Metro bottle is still primarily made and designed in the US, making it a pretty good choice if you’re looking for a glass water bottle. Be Truly You also donates a part of its profits back to educational initiatives in the community.

(4/5 stars)

You can look at the design shown in the picture above here:

Metro Bottle, Tap design

Or you can look at the other available designs here:

different Metro Bottle designs

You can also see how the Metro bottles compare to the other reusable water bottles we reviewed at our Category Recap, where you’ll find highly-rated American Alternatives that you might consider instead such as the Liberty Bottle Works or the Nalgene Everyday Wide Mouth


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