Sigg Aluminum Bottles Review

22 Jul

The classic red Sigg bottleProduct Description:

Sigg is headquartered in Frauenfeld, Switzerland and has been there for over 100 years. They started making aluminum kitchen goods in 1908, but decided to concentrate their business on water bottles in 1998. With it’s simple shape and wide selection of styles, their classic aluminum bottle with the plastic cap is probably the most famous metal bottle available.

Sigg is always updating the graphics on their bottles, replacing outdated styles with new ones. They offer a range of designs, including bottles with cute animals and crazy patterns. The MOMA has even added some of Sigg’s classic bottles into their permanent design collection.

Unlike steel and glass, aluminum leeches into water, giving the water a metallic taste. To combat this, all of Sigg’s aluminum bottles have an internal epoxy liner. Up until 2008, the company’s proprietary liner was shown to contain a trace amount of BPA. While it was only a small amount, it was still enough for consumers to be concerned over BPA leeching into their water. In 2008, Sigg launched bottles with their EcoCare liner, a new proprietary liner that’s certified to be free of BPA and phthalates.

There are concerns among consumers that denting the metal bottle will cause the internal liner to deform and possibly crack, exposing bare aluminum underneath. However, Sigg’s website claims their internal coating is “elastic and unbreakable” and “will not peel off, even if dented on the outside”. In addition, there are some complaints about the threads on the caps being too small to clean well. Some people also don’t like the small mouth of the bottle. Wide mouth bottles are available, but all the bottles use the same caps.

American Alternative Review:

Sigg wears its Swiss heritage with honor. “Made in Switzerland” is synonymous with precise engineering and durable products, but it’s still not “Made in America”.

The bottle’s body is made in Sigg’s Frauenfeld facility out of a solid puck of aluminum. The TV show “How It’s Made” did a piece on the Sigg bottle that provides a great description of the bottle’s manufacturing process. I encourage you to check it out. Along with the aluminum bodies, all of the Sigg caps are also made in Switzerland, except for the Retro Top.

While Sigg bottles are useful and beautiful, nothing about them is American-made. If you’re looking to purchase a Sigg aluminum bottle, we encourage you to look to one of the alternatives on this site.

(0/5 stars)

You can check out the sizes and designs available for purchase through Amazon below:

Sigg Classic Bottle

You can also check out how American-made all the water bottles we reviewed are at our reusable water bottle category recap.  There you’ll find better alternatives like the Liberty Bottle Works bottles which are very similar to the Sigg Classic Bottles (graphically-decorated, coated aluminum in a similar form factors) but entirely Made in the USA.


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