Klean Kanteen Classic Bottle Review

6 Jul

Klean Kanteen's range of colors

Product Description:

Klean Kanteen has been making stainless steel water bottles since 2004. These bottles are made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel (304 stainless steel), have polypropylene caps, and are some of the most rugged and tough water bottles you will find. With large radius bends, large threads, and a wide mouth, they are easy to wash and keep “klean.” While most Klean Kanteens are a single color and feature the Klean Kanteen logo, they do offer specialty lines with more interesting designs.

The company focuses on providing an eco-friendly and toxin-free option for carrying your water around. Aluminum bottles have an internal epoxy lining that can crack when the bottle is dented – worrisome since there are health concerns about water in direct contact with aluminum. This is not a problem with Klean Kanteen’s food-grade steel bottles.

The company also purchases carbon credits while using recycled materials in packaging.

American Alternative Review:

Klean Kanteen is another water bottle company out of California. Headquartered in Chico, the company also runs distribution there. Their manufacturing and steel procurement, however, has been based out of China from the get go.

Like most companies that run manufacturing in Asia, Klean Kanteen has representatives in China that manage and oversee their facilities. They do emphasize providing a safe working environment and a living wage to their Chinese workers, but none of their manufacturing seems to take place in America. Information from the company about their Chinese operations can be found here. Their American operations seem limited to design, management, sales, and distribution.

Having all manufacturing done in China is fairly standard across many industries. But while this does not surprise me, and I appreciate Klean Kanteen’s focus on the environment and sustainability, I wish they also focused on domestic manufacturing.

(1.5/5 stars)

The Klean Kanteen Classic is available in a range of sizes, from 12oz to 40oz. You can find them at many outdoor recreational stores (such as REI) and at many online retailers. Check them out:

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

You can also check out how American-made all the water bottles we reviewed are at our reusable water bottle category recap.  There you’ll find bottles like the entirely Made in the USA Nalgene Every Day Tritan Wide Mouth bottles and Liberty Bottle Works bottles.


Personal Note from the Author:

(We’ll try to include these if we have opinions about products we own and review.)

I have a black 27oz Klean Kanteen classic I received as a Christmas gift a few years ago, and I really do like it. I’ve used it for everything from keeping water next to my bed, backpacking through Asia, and touring Italy. I never feel flashy thanks to its simple design, and I can abuse the heck out of it thanks to the steel. I have friends with pretty beat up aluminum bottles, but my Klean Kanteen is only missing a little paint at the bottom after all these years of use. I love the bottle, but I wish it were more American-made.


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