Lifefactory Glass Beverage Bottle (22 oz and 16 oz) Review

30 Jun

Lifefactory 22oz water bottles - multiple colors

Product Description:

Lifefactory bottles may not be as well known as some of their more ubiquitous competitors such as Sigg and Nalgene bottles, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that lifefactory isn’t a great brand dedicated to making the best product possible. Founded in 2007, the company started out making non-toxic and eco-friendly glass baby bottles.

Since then, they’ve taken the same ideas and distinctive visual designs and applied them to these full-sized beverage bottles. Silicone sleeves cover each bottle, which not only protect the glass from bumps and slight drops but also give each bottle its distinctive color and unique style. The rubbery texture of the sleeve and the loop in the cap also help you hang on to the bottle, hopefully preventing any large, glass-breaking drops.

As a handy bonus, you can drop the whole thing (silicone sleeve and all) into a dishwasher for easy cleaning and the occasional home sterilizing.

American Alternative Review:

In addition to being an American-based company (Sausalito, CA), lifefactory has also put specific effort into sourcing its materials and manufacturing its parts in the US and Europe. Since starting the company, the folks at lifefactory have slowly transitioned more and more parts and processes out of China and into the US, France, Italy, and Poland. In fact, the silicone sleeves have always been manufactured in the US out of American-sourced silicone.

This trend of bringing more processes into American facilities also looks to continue, further increasing their already comparatively high American Alternative score (for example, the lifefactory website notes that the caps will eventually be manufactured in the US instead of in Poland, but this switch has not happened yet).

Ultimately, I was quite surprised and impressed that, as of the the writing of this review, none of the bottle’s parts are either manufactured or made from materials sourced in Asia. Some of these processes, such as injection molding the polypropylene caps, would most likely be notably cheaper if molded in China due to the part’s low shipping weight and comparatively slow cycle time/labor cost (I’m guessing someone has to manually eject these caps on each shot). The fact that lifefactory resists this temptation and actually makes concerted efforts to go the other direction is remarkable and should be commended.

(3.5/5 stars)*

*This score should edge up to 4 stars once the caps are molded in the US.

Lifefactory glass beverage bottles come in a number of bright solid colors and in two different sizes.

You can buy them from a number of different retailers, including at the links below.

Lifefactory 22-Ounce Beverage Bottle

Lifefactory 16-Ounce Beverage Bottle

You can also check out how American-made all the water bottles we reviewed are at our reusable water bottle category recap.  There you’ll find bottles like the entirely Made in the USA Nalgene Every Day Tritan Wide Mouth bottles and Liberty Bottle Works bottles.  You’ll also find alternatives like the Be Truly You Metro bottle which is a similar bottle that’s also made of glass but with more of its processes and materials coming from American sources.


Personal Note from the Author:

I have a 220z white lifefactory bottle, and it’s great. I love having a unique, eye-catching water bottle that’s different from all the Nalgenes at the gym. I also really appreciate being able to put the bottle in the bottom part of the dishwasher when the top is full (you never know what crazy germs it might pick up from the gym).

This bottle, however, is my second lifefactory bottle. My first one took an unfortunate spill in a parking lot and broke when it hit the concrete (I wouldn’t have expected the sleeve to protect it from that kind of fall, but the sleeve did keep all the glass contained and manageable). While the breakability may be a problem for some, it obviously wasn’t a problem for me, as I promptly replaced it.


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